A Conspiracy of Ravens

There’s a conspiracy emerging at Raven’s Wish Gallery.  From September 2nd through October 3rd, with every visitor to the gallery, the intrigue builds.

Since a group of ravens is called a "conspiracy", we thought it would be appropriate this month to briefly explore some of the attributes commonly associated with these majestic birds. 

Behind the Conspiracy

Many birds are described with delightful or noble collective nouns such as a “charm of finches” or a “parliament of owls,” but a group of ravens is called a conspiracy. How might ravens have earned such a mysterious and secretive term?

The Raven

Clever, cunning, fun-loving, smart, and often witty, ravens have long intrigued scientists and other researchers into explaining their behavior.

Many observers consider ravens to be equal in intelligence to the canids (wolves, coyotes, and dogs).

Ravens have been seen using sticks to extract insects from logs, placing walnuts in front of car tires, and collecting scraps of paper to use as a rake.


Revered as creators of earth, moon, sun, and stars, ravens are also portrayed as tricksters and cheaters.

Ravens have been used to symbolize death, danger, and wisdom and it is hard to imagine another animal more associated with myth and mystery. 

In Welsh Mythology

The raven is a portent of death. Witches and sorcerers were thought to transform into ravens to evade capture. 

In Tlingit (Alaska) Mythology

The raven is well-respected because it survived the great flood of ancient times by sticking his bill into the sky ceiling and hanging there until the waters receded. 

At Raven's Wish

Now through October 3rd, stop by the gallery to make a monetary donation to a local animal rescue organization.  In turn, you'll have the opportunity to add to the conspiracy. Plus, for each donation, you’ll receive a 10% OFF coupon valid at Raven’s Wish Gallery through the month of October.

Saturday, October 4th

On Saturday, October 4th at 10 am the conspiracy will be revealed and the raven art installation you helped create will be uncovered for all to see.