An Artful Porch

Now that summer is officially here, the porch is again our “outdoor living rm”--a wonderful place to retreat, gather, relax, and enjoy friends and family.  Why not make this space an extension of your home and create an artful oasis?

Many traditional artworks are not intended to withstand radical variations in temperature and could fade or mildew over time. Yet, most of us are familiar wth some of the wonderful standby options, such as metal art that repels moisture and gains character over time.  Here are some other ideas for adding an artistic flare to an otherwise ordinary porch space!

Natural Finds

Preserve memories by featuring your collections from special hikes or vacations on the walls of your porch.  The balance of linear and organic lines creates visual interest, and the neutral color palette offers a timeless elegance to the space.


Drop-cloth patio curtains add privacy, shade, and elegant design.  In some situations, curtains can even be a great solution for cost-effectively hiding those less-than-artful areas of your porch. Choose a more sheer fabric for the feel of curtains billowing in the wind.  

Go Vinyl!

Many museums offer award-winning fine art banners--these work well as a weather-safe way to give your porch an artful flare. 

Think Tiles!

Take one of your favorite photographs or  a treasured piece of children's art and have it professionally transferred onto tile! This allows you to add a vibrant, personal touch to your porch without subjecting the art to the elements.


An artful porch does not require elaborate design skills.  All you need are a couple of distinct pieces and the use of color in an intentional, artful way.  Also, consider using an interesting mix of fabrics and textures.  This is an opportunity for you to take design risks you may be reluctant to take inside your home. So have fun, and create bold moments.  Be brave!  BE INSPIRED!

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