Angela Morgan

Eagles1 FW.jpg

What initially captured your imagination about the medium you use?

I use a computer as a medium. It can be challenging to work with in some ways, but it allows me freedom to experiment without wasting a lot of materials if something doesn’t work, and it doesn’t leave me with a mess either.

What types of things inspire you to create art?

Most of my inspiration comes from the stories I read, the music I listen to, and the movies I watch. I’ve always had an appreciation for animation and dreamed of becoming a Disney animator.

What life experiences have helped shape you as an artist?

Throughout my entire childhood, I loved to draw. Started with stick figures and worked up to more detailed art. Took art classes in middle and high school and some classes in college.

Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion.

 I usually start by determining what sort of tone I want the piece to have. Do I want a light piece? Dark? Something in between? Then I determine, What sort of scene I want. Forest? Seascape? Mountains? Once I determine the scene I choose an appropriate subject. Sometimes, I find myself choosing the subject first. Depending on which way I go first is how I start. Once I do start, I just follow the flow of my instincts.

 What plans do you have for the future direction of your art?

 My plan is to feature my work on digital platforms, including showing my process in the form of speed paintings on Youtube.

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