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Exhibition for Marek Kossiba


From the Artist...

"One isn’t taught to paint, but rather taught to see. As a painter I can tell you that if I could talk about my artwork I would be a writer, not a painter. This is the one true thing I’ve known in all my years as a professional artist. Art is a visual experience, completely visual. It’s a form of creative expression that comes to us only in this way. No matter how we intellectualize the process or results, painting will forever be a visual vehicle and needs to be thought of as such.

Images have the power to affect our lives. Truly great paintings have the power to steal sleep, haunt dreams, and inhabit the realms of consciousness. As a very young boy, I discovered the beautiful, compelling paintings and drawings of Leonardo Da Vinci in a book hidden in my uncle’s attic. Thus began my introduction to the female form.  So, I find painting to be like a game of love and have great affection for all of my paintings featuring female figures. 

Long voyages at sea with the Merchant Marines had a huge influence on my art. Love is what a man most enjoys, and most misses, hardly anything modern or new. These paintings do not depict erotic activity. They are merely fantasies and desires born during long, lonely hours on the ocean as a deck officer. In essence, I was taught to paint to convey my feelings and thoughts…and so began my life-long romance with the female form."



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