I use a 1” flat, ½ inch flat, #8 round, 2” wash, and a liner brush. Be sure that your brushes are made for watercolor. Don’t worry if you can’t get them all.


Bring just the primary colors. I suggest Permanet Rose, Cobolt Blue, and Azo Yellow. Make sure you buy professional colors not cotman colors. Cotman colors are student grade and do not have the right amount of pigment in them. Daniel Smith, Cheap Joes, Winsor Newton are some good name brands. All supplies can be purchased on line at Cheap or Hobby Lobby in Janesville or any art supply store.


I use D’Arches paper 140 or 300 lb.   I will have large sheets of paper for purchase at $5.00 a sheet. You can get many paintings out of one sheet.


Bring a light weight board to adhere the paper to.  Bring a small spray bottle, pencil, and eraser.  Don’t forget a sketch pad and pencils.

If you have any questions, e-mail me at or call 608-756-0550.