5/31 & 6/7, Perfect Plum Blossoms

5/31 & 6/7, Perfect Plum Blossoms


2 Thursdays, May 31 & June 7, 6pm-9pm

Instructor: Kris Koch

In our last two sessions, we will create a large plum blossom using premium colored cardstock, decorative papers from around the world and all sorts of embellishments.  After a brief review of paper-cutting basics on the first of two evenings, students will learn how to make and cut-out templates for the flower petals, petal inserts and petal guards; choose dynamic color combinations; and cut and assemble their plum blossoms.  On the second evening, students will finish anything they didn’t complete in the first class and then personalize their flowers with embellishments either purchased or hand-made. Examples of completed plum blossoms will be on display and students can choose to modify their flower to hang on a wall (wire included) or eventually mount the work in a shadow box (optional, student would purchase and complete outside of class).

Fee includes instructional handout; templates for flower petals, petal inserts, and petal guards; plastic for multi-use templates; premium cardstock for 1 flower; 2 premium decorative papers for petal inserts and guards; linen tape; mounting board; decorative paper to cover back of mounting board; variety of embellishments to personalize plum blossom; gem glue; decorative paper punches; aluminum foil; masking tape; and wire to hang finished piece.  Please see additional materials requirements below.

Additional Required Materials: Small sharp scissors with pointed tip, such as embroidery scissors; pencil (wooden or mechanical); pencil sharpener; vinyl eraser; Zip Dry paper glue; Jelly Roll or other metallic gel pens in gold and/or silver; regular tweezers, pointed tip; thin Sharpie marker in dark color; any temp glue gun; and any temp glue sticks.

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