Brian Hartmann

I don't wait to get inspired by something, I just do it. I'm always taking pictures of places and things I come in contact with.  I get an idea in my head and I look for it.   

My choice of subject matter really varies.   The subject must have good form ,lots of color, and lead your eye around the piece. A well done piece tells a good story about that artist's life.  

Every since I could hold a crayon, I was always doodling. As I got older, my loving parents and family also encouraged me to do more. I took drawing and painting classes , ceramics, and even photographyin high school. I was introduced to watercolors my junior year.  Mrs. Worth was a patient woman but she keep challenging me to do more with this medium. That additional support from her helped me become the artist I am.

Before I start painting, I know what the finished product will look like when it's done.  I only have two dedicated days per week to work on pieces, so it can take up to three months for me to finish one.  I start in one spot and the brush tells me where to go next. I always try to paint what I see, not what I know. 

When I am done, I study the piece to see if I need to add more colors,  shadows or highlights. I have a couple of really trusting friends that get to look and tell me what they think before I show it to the public.

My paintings are a window to an inner world that no one has access to.  I want people to look at my work and have an "AHHHHA"  moment and make a personal connection.

I'm not sure where my art is headed next, but I look forward to the opportunities it leads me to.   Whatever lies ahead, I want to grow as a individual on a professional level while still enjoying what I do.      

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