The Art of Container Gardening--by Patty Bailey


You don’t have to be an expert in flowers and plants to cultivate a more artful life with container gardening.  Anyone can keep a beautiful and successful container garden all summer long with just 4 useful tips!


Know what type of plants you have and what the best location for them is based on the amount of sun and wind exposure a given location has.

  • Too much shade causes floppy herbs, as herbs need 5-6 hours of sun/day.  With blooming tropicals, too much shade can inhibit flowering.  

  • For Windy areas, use banana trees, palms or elephant ear as a screen or backdrop around your outdoor living space to protect the other more fragile plants


Containers need drainage holes!

  • If plants are in a closed container, the roots can’t breath. 

  • Do not put stones in the bottom of the pot

  • Clay pots dry out faster than plastic


Avoid using garden dirt!

  • Use a good quality potting mix, as garden dirt is too heavy.

  • Add worm castings—some organic soil blends have these already in the mix.

  • For sunny spots, add “soil moist” or some other moisture control additives

Proper Plant Maintenance

  • Check your planters daily 

  • Water plants until you see water draining out the bottom so you know the roots were saturated.

  • Use fertilizer with a diluted solution every time you water OR use a slow-release, granular fertilizer once a month.

  • Prune or deadhead regularly!

The important thing to remember in growing container gardens is that, you are the caregiver and the artist of this mini garden. 

Do a little research or ask a salesperson at your local garden shop to help you pick the right plants for your area. Tell them whether you have sun or shade. Let them know what type of container you are interested in for your flowers, herbs, veggies or even tropical plants

May you and your container flowers and plants have a healthy and ARTFUL summer this year! 

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