Brian Hartmann

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What initially captured your imagination about the medium you use?

I was introduced to watercolors in high school and it came naturally to me. I love the way the colors reacted when a certain amount of water was added to it and how much control I could achieve with the right amount of pressure.

What types of things inspire you to create art?

I work from my own past memories that are tied to an emotion.  I don't really look for a composition or an object, I am drawn to the challenges that are presented to me when I think I found something.

What life experiences have helped to shape you as an artist?

If you want to succeed at something you must discipline yourself. By painting every day and devoting the time and energy to mastering a skill one can get anything done.

Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion.

I work from photos so I can start and stop any time I need too. I typically rotate 3 works a month so this way I am never getting bored with one. I do a lite sketch for proper proportion before painting and I start in the middle and slowly move outwards. About ¼ way into work, I have had enough time to determine if I am going to finish it or not.

What plans do you have for the future direction of your art?  

I hope to be able to enjoy the opportunity to paint full time and maybe get the chance to display international.

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