Karolyn Alexander


What initially captured your imagination about the medium you use?   

The versatility of acrylic paint is very appealing to me. I enjoy the opportunity to use a wide variety of tools to apply the paint both opaquely and transparently. Texture and pattern are easily created with acrylic paint and the quick drying time is a benefit to my style of painting.

What types of things inspire you to create art?

Often times I am inspired simply by an unusual or vibrant color. I also find visual stimulation in many everyday sights that I tend to see as simplified shapes and exaggerated value patterns. The music that I play in the studio while creating art inspires my mark making and brushstrokes.

What life experiences have helped to shape you as an artist?

My appreciation of art began as a child when my father, Richard Kettwig, introduced me to artists such as van Gogh, Renoir, and Monet. As an adult, I find visiting museums and galleries to see actual works of art to be an important part of being a visual artist.  

Tell us about your creative process, from the beginning of a typical piece to its completion.

I generally start an abstract painting with an intuitive practice of mark making and random paint application. From there I enjoy veiling some parts and completely covering other parts to create a more cohesive composition. I may also add more marks at this point. The third stage, for me, is to consider the elements and principles of design, decide what needs to be done, and move toward completion of the painting. This third stage sometimes happens very easily and other times it requires considerable problem solving.

What plans do you have for the future direction of your art?

I love painting abstracts because it is challenging. I want to continue to explore and experiment with acrylic paints, mediums and the variety of mark making tools that I use. If I produce a painting that I love, I am a happy artist!

To learn more about Karolyn's exhibition at Raven's Wish, CLICK HERE.


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